Outsourcing of foreign trade function - is a partial or full delegation of the import or export process management to the third-party - Service provider.

The main reasons why the companies are outsourcing foreign trade function:

- free up administrative resources to focus on core business,

- foreign trade activity is not the core business of the company and it is just part of the long business process;

- building your own department for foreign trade activities is expensive and not cost effective;

- there may be a lack of practical knowledge in arrangement of delivery and customs registration process.

Outsourcing has mutual advantage for both the customer and outsourcer - both can concentrate on development of strengths of the core business activity.


We can help you with the following:

 - search of import, export partners / suppliers;

- drawing up foreign trade contracts;


- preparing optimal delivery scenario;

- customs procedures;


There may be more options where we can help you to line up the process based on specifics of your business.  

You always have a possibility to hand over all headache to Synergy Logistics, we know how to heal it up...

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