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When your payment terms depend on the customs clearance
or you must deliver a warranty replacement on site
or you just so nice to hand over cleared goods
then it comes to DDP

Sharing our knowledge will not make us less important

We share it for free


We don`t make sales, we make solutions for your needs

We take a hands-on approach to manage all your shipments in multimodal transport — from pickup to delivery.
We can help you to streamline your supply chain by shipping smarter, faster and more cost-effectively.

We develop the most efficient and compliant cut of the lead time it takes
for your product to reach the marketplace


outsourcingOutsourcing of foreign trade function - is a partial or full delegation of the import or export process management to the third-party - Service provider.

The main reasons why the companies are outsourcing foreign trade function:

- to minimize headcount expenses,

- free up administrative resources to focus on core business,

- delegate purchase and delivery to professional outsourcer,

- foreign trade activity is not the core business of the company and it is just part of the long business process;

- building your own department for foreign trade activities is expensive and not cost effective;

- there may be a lack of practical knowledge in arrangement of delivery and customs registration process.

Outsourcing has mutual advantage for both the customer and outsourcer - both can concentrate on development of strengths of the core business activity.  


We can help you with the following:Outsourcing_1

- search of import, export partners / suppliers;

- drawing up contracts;

- contract terms and conditions negotiation;

- preparing optimal delivery scenario;

- cutting irrelevant costs;

- control of delivery;

- help in obtaining various permissions;

- customs procedures;

- freight insurance.

There may be more options where we can help you to line up the process based on specifics of your business.  

Outsourcing is a strategic decision which allows you to focus on development of the main business which makes you profit.

And you always have a possibility to hand over all headache to Synergy Logistics, we know how to heal it up...


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100017 Tashkent, Uzbekistan, A.Kodiriy str.2A
График работы:
Mon.-Fri. 09:00 - 18:00
Sat. 10:00 - 16:00