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Customs clearance

Carefree customs clearance - sounds difficult, but we make it happen ...

You cannot afford making a mistake when it comes to Customs clearance.
Incorrectly filing an entry, product misclassification, incorrect value declaration or misreading a regulatory stipulation can lead to costly delays, service failures, possible fines, and seizure of goods.
Our experts are knowledgeable in local rules and regulations, export, import compliance and the challenges of international trade.

We are experienced in all methods of shipment (air, truck or rail) and have a clear process to handle it

We will help you to overcome the challenges of:

- Complete document preparation and coordination,

- Regulatory compliance,

- Customs inspection,

- Customs clearance transactions,

- Transaction reporting and record-keeping requirements,

- Pre-arrival formalities setup and post-entry processing,

- Tariff classification and product database management,

- Calculation of duties, taxes and drawbacks.

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