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DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) is becoming more popular in developing markets and that`s why we want to emphasize it separately

Today`s Customers want to avoid the import-export paperwork and do not spend precious time in customs offices, inspections, certifications etc...
Because it is not their core business. They just want to pay, get it on hands through an easy, transparent, compliant process.     

Handling DDP with Synergy Logistics

The Cost
Price transparency. With our DDP service, tax and duty fees are calculated and displayed prior to shipment. Thus, you or your customers view fully landed costs up front. No surprise charges.

Сustoms clearance, certifications, customs audit, we know how to take care of it.

We help you to manage your export, import compliance with regulations including end-users reporting and guarantee following all country regulations.

When handling your DDP shipments through Synergy Logistics you are confident in passing the shipment to your customer in a right way and place. You will get official documents confirming the acceptance by the customer.

Returns process
Foreign partners having warranty agreements may experience issues in equipment or spares returns. Foreign enterprise can not handle return process without having authorised local representative to organize duty, tax reclamation and customs re-export formalities. And we are here to sort it our for you.


Customer comes first. We keep doing what we promise ...

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