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Logistics is not just about shipping. It is also about planning and managing.
Regardless of to which check point and what time your cargo arrives, we are always there to welcome it.

DDP term is a key for Supplier to maintain the control over the shipment and assure that it is made in a compliant manner.

We take a hands-on approach to manage all your shipments in multimodal transport — from pickup to delivery.
We can help you to streamline your supply chain by shipping smarter, faster and more cost-effectively.


Contact center


Our business process services will help you to maintain a high level of customer service, during peak periods in the office or any other time.

You can rely on our expertise and our knowledgeable agents to respond to your customer or partners inquiries regarding deliveries compliance, claims, shipping instruction and others.

Our experienced team is professionally trained in a variety of disciplines, including call management, troubleshooting and customer satisfaction.

We can design a solution that fits your business objectives, flexible timeframes and multiple communication methods.